Maintenance, Testing & Commissioning

We provide complete Maintenance & commissioning tests for the Transformers, Circuit Breakers, CTs, PTs , CVTs , Isolators and all Switchyard equipments. We are having world’s most renowned testing instruments from OMICRON, MEGGER, DOBLE, FLUKE, FLIR, SCOPE, HVPD, SebaKMT, ELTEL etc for reliable and consistent test results.


Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Test

Condition Monitoring is to assess condition of Power Equipments We are using world’s best  & latest testing equipments as per IEC, IEEE, CIGRE Standards for the reliable test results. we have qualified and experienced engineers to Analyse test results and give complete diagnosis of Equipments.

Protection, PD & Harmonic Analysis

Power system protection is a Core Area of Power System and We ensure that it operates when it is needed. We have latest Three Phase and Single Phase Relay testing equipments to check all the conditions of faults.

We also have an experienced team for the Harmonic Analysis as per global IEEE Standards mainly for the Wind & Solar Power Plants


Test & Measurement Instruments From ” KYORITSU” JAPAN

Test & Measuring Instruments are always considered weapons while executing Testing or Diagnostic job on Power Equipment or power system. Better the instruments better the reliability and hence better we can conclude the health of power equipment.

Hence, We are bringing world’s one of the best company KYORITSU in the field of Test & Measurement from JAPAN.

More Details of Kyoritsu


Test & Measurement includes Digital and Analogue Multimeters, Clamp On Meters, Digital Insulation Tester, Digital DC mA Clamp Meters, Earth Clamp , Clamp Sensor, RCD Testers, Multi function Meters, Power Quality Meter and May more Instruments are in portfolio.


We are now NABL Accredited ISO 17025:2017 Lab for the Electro Technical calibration discipline. We can calibrate Three Phase Relay test kit, Capacitance and Tan delta kit, Timing, CRM, DCRM, Thermal camera, Multimeter, Clamp On Meter, Insulation tester, Leakage tester, Winding Resistance Meter. Earth Tester, HV AC/DC tester, Resistance Meter, Battery Analyzer. All meters are Calibrated with FLUKE, USA, ZERA, OMICRON  make master instruments.

We are accredited for the 3- Phase Energy Meter Calibration from 0.2S class ABT to Class 1 multi function energy meters. Calibration can be done at ON-SITE or in LAB as per client requirement. We can do the calibration with Online or Offline mode.

We can also Provide On site calibration services for Test & Measuring Instruments.

Our NABL Accredited Lab ID is CC: 2983

Our Steps..towards better, faster and reliable services..

For Providing Better, Efficient and Timely services to our esteemed customers, we have Branch offices at Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Udaipur with all testing Instruments.

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