Akron Energy Private Limited is a NABL accrediated Calibration and Testing Laboratory. We are Specialised Lab in Test & Measuring instruments used in Electrical Power Systems.

We can do NABL Calibration & Testing of following Instruments:

  • Capacitance and Tan delta
  • SFRA ( Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer)
  • Dynamic Contact Resistance (DCRM) Instrument with Travel and Current
  • Static Contact Resistance Measurement (CRM)
  • Power Quality Analyzers with Harmonic Measurement up to 41th
  • ABT Meters
  • Metering CT up to 220 KV Class
  • Metering PT up to 220 KV Class
  • Three Phase Relay Test Kit
  • CT Analyzer
  • PT Analyzer
  • Transformer Winding Resistance Measurement
  • Transformer Turns Ratio
  • CB Timing Kit
  • High Voltage Test up to 100 KV
  • Insulation Resistance Kit Thermal Camera
  • Multimeters
  • Clamp on Meters
  • Leackage Current Meters
  • Third Harmonic Current Measurement (LCM)
  • Voltage/Current/Power/Load Meters
  • Vernier Calipers/Micrometers
  • Pressure Meters

We can Provide in LAB or On Site Calibration services in PAN INDIA.